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Committed to Social Responsibility

We uphold social responsibility as a core value in our organization. Across Europe, we have successfully implemented numerous initiatives dedicated to social responsibility, with plans to introduce an additional 40 initiatives by the year 2024.

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About Our Casino

Social Casino is a distinct platform for socializing and savoring a fantastic selection of free casino-style games without any financial obligation. Our primary aim is to provide a secure, clean, and enjoyable environment for all our users. Established in 2023, Social Casino has undergone rapid expansion and now boasts millions of members from various parts of the world who enjoy our games. Our dedicated team is fully committed to ensuring that every player has an exceptional experience when engaging with Social Casino. The concept behind our casino originated from a group of friends who aspired to create a platform where people could have a great time without spending money. Our vision was to establish a social setting where players could form new connections and have a blast. This is how Social Casino came to fruition! Although we started with a modest collection of games, our offerings have expanded significantly, and we now provide hundreds of diverse games to our ever-growing community. Our team of developers is continuously working on creating innovative and exhilarating games for our users. If you have any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Concept of Free Slots?

Free slots refer to online slot machines that enable players to spin the reels without placing real money bets. These games operate much like traditional casino slots, with the primary goal of achieving a winning combination on the payline.

Can I Win Real Money Here?

At Social Casino, the option to win or lose real money is not available.

Where Can I Experience Free Play?

You can enjoy the Cherry Casino experience entirely free of charge! No downloads, purchases, or membership requirements!